How Vehicle Detailing is Accomplished

Regular car cleaning is fine for every day use. Clean out any garbage, vacuum the seats, and bring it through a car wash once a week like most people. Place an air freshener on the vents and drive anywhere that is necessary or desired. There are times when ordinary cleaning is not enough.


The process of detailing a vehicle is cleaning it thoroughly inside and outside. Some people take the vehicle into a body shop or a company that specializes in detailing, such as Premium Detail Pro, and pay for complete cleaning packages. Other people prefer to purchase car detailing products and tools to do the work themselves.

The Interior

Washing down the dashboard and vacuuming the seats is not detailing. Using a small tool to get inside the vents, around the gear shift, and down into the indicator space is a start to detailing. Once that is completed, the dashboard can be washed, dried, and polished until it shines.

Take the mats out of the vehicle and wash them with cleaner and a hose. Get inside the door jams, around the radio buttons, and vacuum the floors seats, and ceiling. Wash down the insides of the doors and any pocket spaces or cup holders located in the back seat. Wash the inside of the windows and any interior lights. Put the mats back in after they dry and spray a pleasing sent in the car.

The Exterior

This entails a few more Premium Car Detailing Products. Washing the exterior is just the beginning. The tires, wheels, and wheel wells need to be cleaned and polished. Adding protective spray products to these areas will help them repel dirt and dust. The vehicle then needs to be dried odd, waxed, buffed, and polished with a clear coating. The final coating will repel dirt, debris, and protect against minor scratches.

When to Detail

Car enthusiasts detail their vehicles often. The rest of the driver detail the car for special occasions. Driving to a convention with the boss, picking family members up from the airport for the holidays, and being a member of a bridal party are some examples of times to detail the vehicle. Always detail it before trading it in for a newer model.

Either detailing the car or having it detailed is wise at least every four to six months to prolong the life of the car. It should become regular maintenance throughout the year like oil changes and tire rotations. This is vital if pets, young children, and allergy sufferers are frequent passengers. To discover what products and tools are available go to http://www.premiumdetailpro for complete information.


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